When Dogs Act Silly in the Back Seat of The Car [12 Photos]

Big Dogs Have Big Hearts is a Facebook group that features all kinds of dogs. The page encourages its members to share stories, photos and videos of their favorite pups. Recently, someone shared photos of their pit bull adorably squishing his face against a net at the back seat of the car. The dog’s owner said the net was set up to keep the pup from distracting her while she drives. It turns out, the dog’s silly face is hilariously distracting.

The funny photos led to a comment section filled with pictures of other dogs’ antics while at the back seat of a vehicle.

Here are some of them:

1. This the PHOTO that started it all.

several images of a dog trying to get out of a net that is keeping him in the backseat of a car

2. This cutie seems to be having a pretty good time with the barrier.

small dog smiling while pushing its face into a net in a car

3. “Mom, how could you have done this to me?”

dog looking up through a net in the back of a jeep

4. What barrier?

two dogs sticking their heads out of a car window and through a cargo net

5. They found the optimal position to get all the snoot boops!

two hounds sticking their noses out of a cargo net

6. “Now is not the time for a selfie, Mom.”

woman taking a selfie in a car with her dog who is squishing its face against a net in the backseat

7. “Just a little more and I can get through… If I could just…”

dog smiling and trying to push its face through the a net in the backseat of a car

8. This one gave up. The net won.

medium sized dog lying against a barrier in the backseat of a car

9. “I hate you, Mom!”

dog sticking its nose and mouth out of a bag and snarling

10. “Are we there yet?”

dog sticking its face above a barrier in the backseat of a car

11. “I accept my fate.”

defeated looking dog trying to get past a net from the backseat of a car

12. There will always be that special boy.

dog sitting in the backseat of a car with its back facing forward


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