When This Stranger Saw A Boy Shooting Hoops Into Trash Can, He Bought Him A Basketball Hoop

  • Devin Hinkston saw a little boy shooting ball using a trash can.
  • The little man happened to be an eight-year-old boy who aspires to be like Lebron James.
  • Out of his kindness, Devin bought little James a basketball hoop.

With his authenticity and kindness, this man is absolutely the kind of MVP little ballers need.

It was a fine day at Alexandria, Louisiana. Devin Hinkston, driving through the town, unexpectedly spotted a boy playing basketball in a driveway. A closer look made him realize that the young boy was doing basketball hoops using a trash can.

Photo Credit: Patricia J Williams/Facebook

Right then and there, he thought of making it a better experience for that little shooter.

“I always do [random acts of kindness],” Devin said. “I’ll see kids in the corner store and I’ll buy all of them something to snack on. I’ll see a homeless person and buy them a bomber jacket or some food. I just never post about it on social media because that’s not the reason I’m doing it. I do it from the heart.”

Devin went off the driveway and approached Patricia Williams and her eight-year-old grandson Jeremiah.

Devin told Patricia that he saw a little boy throwing his ball into the trash can while he was passing by, and he wanted to give him a gift.

Devin then knew from the little boy’s grand mom that Jeremiah loves basketball and a player at their local church.

Photo Credit: Patricia J Williams/Facebook

“Everywhere he goes he totes his little basketball,” Patricia said of her grandson whose favorite player is Lebron James.

Patricia started crying at the thought that a complete stranger would show this kind of compassion toward her grandson. “…it was an angel in disguise,” she said.

This young man knocked on my door and said ” Ma’am I seen your little boy shooting the ball in the trash can earlier and…

Posted by Patricia J Williams on Saturday, February 13, 2021

Devin got emotional, too, seeing the little boy and his grandmother jumping for joy. He said “it was special.”

Later that day, Jeremiah had a basketball game and he helped in making the team win with his 12 scored points.

With so much gratitude in her heart, Patricia took a picture of Jeremiah and Devin and posted it on Facebook. The post has already gotten thousands of engagement.

Devin doesn’t want the help to stop there. He said he has stayed in touch with the family and will go back to help in assembling the hoop.

Wanting to fund a nonprofit group for community kids’ after-school activities, Devin said, “You should always be kind. You never know what somebody else is going through.”

Source: GMA

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Blog Comments

He should have bought the kid a book

Couldn’t you be just a little appreciative of someone doing a nice thing for a little boy who likes to play basketball? Didn’t anyone get you a special something when you were a kid……..so sorry they didn’t!! Why is it that no matter how much good a person does there is always some sourpuss out there that will criticize it. So sad……

I hope everyone reading this terrific story of a great man doing random acts of kindness that inspires others to do the same.

I don’t think that Jeremiah will ever forget this man and the gift he received from him….not only the basketball goal, but the kindness he witnessed in another person whom he did not know. I believe that Jeremiah will remember that act of kindness long after he has outgrown that basketball goal. God bless you, Mr. Devin Hinkston, for sowing seeds of kindness wherever you see a need!