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Woman Who Rescued A Scared Stray Cat Reminds People To Always Choose Kindness [Video]



  • While walking with her dog, TikTok user @budthegsd saw a scared stray cat.
  • Having no carrier nor food and water with her, she said she’d return for the cat and if it followed her, she would take the cat home.
  • The cat followed her to her car, sat under the backseat and found a new home. 

The streets are not where anyone should be.  And for animals who have been left alone to fend for themselves after living indoors, surviving would be extremely hard.

When TikTok user @budthegsd saw a scared stray cat, she had apprehensions about rescuing it.  She did not have a carrier, not even water or food.  She was just out for a walk with her dog.  But there was something about the cat that made her decide to come back with water and food.  If the cat follows her to her car, then she’d bring the cat home.

@budthegsd Well, she got in the car #catrescue #straycat #weredoingthis ♬ original sound – Amanda Proulx

The cat must have sensed that this was someone who had the best intention for her and so she got in the car.  She hid under the backseat but got down and followed her inside her home.

For a cat to be familiar with cars and homes just proves that she was once an indoor cat.  She was even declawed upon closer inspection.  Aww! How can someone abandon her that way?

@budthegsd She settled in quickly at home – hasnt stopped purring #catrescue #straycat ♬ original sound – Amanda Proulx

But thanks to the woman, she’s out of the streets.

Viewer @tifflovarothstein commented, “That meow 💔def starving and dehydrated thank u so much” and @brittanyadempsey said, “The purring omg.” According to the rescuer, the cat has been purring since to which user @tikt0nks said, “Bless her, she’s so glad for a safe place to rest.”

Photo Credit: @budthegsd (TikTok)

Thank you for your kindness, @budthegsd.  You have rescued a beautiful soul off the streets. 

Source: Pet Helpful