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Woman Who Lived In Private Shocked People With Her Last Will To Donate Her $14M Fortune To 15 Australian Charities



  • Sheila Woodcock died in May 2018, but only recently did her friends and family members learn how well-off she was.
  • In her last will and testament, Sheila distributed her $14M fortune to 15 Australian charities.
  • The people were “gobsmacked” after learning how the humble woman did something incredibly humbling even after she passed away.

In May 2018, Sheila Woodcock passed away peacefully in her home in New South Wales, Australia. It can be said that she had lived life fully being private and able to travel, doing horticulture, indulging with chocolates, and enjoying animal companionship, and acting.

Being unmarried and without kids on her own, Sheila nurtured several friendships her entire long life. But no matter how close those relationships were, and no matter how many times they have seen thank you letters from charities flooding Sheila’s mailbox, nobody, not her friends, nor her family members, would have suspected she had earned a $14-million-estate before she passed away.

Not even Kent Woodcock, her second cousin, who knew she was rich, but he did not expect she was that rich! Kent took care of Sheila and served as her guardian and best friend. When Sheila passed away, it was handed to him the responsibility to carry out her last will and testament—to give all of her money to 15 charities in Australia.

Kent shared with Newcastle Herald how the representatives from 15 different charities were “gobsmacked” after they heard the news when he invited them to Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service facility.

“She did not share her will with anybody—I only found out in the last six months,” he said.

Sheila left Helicopter Rescue Service a “deeply humbling” gift of $1.375 million. The money will be used to improve training equipment for better rescue service.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service also received  $1.375 to be used for procuring new plane engines and other important equipment.

Photo by RSPCA

The RSPCA New South Wales has previously received $200,000 donation from Sheila before and yet again they are now the beneficiary of another $1.375 million which will fund the transfer of their veterinary hospital to a new building.

“What a transformational community member—it blows me away,” Steve Coleman,  CEO of RSPCA NSW said.

Photo by Australian Children’s Charity | The Smith Family

 The Smith Family’s partnership←largest education-oriented Australian charity—received a “transformative” $340,000. With the money, they will be creating the Sheila Woodcock Memorial Scholarship to help more kids in need.

Among other beneficiaries are: The Scots Kirk Presbyterian Church Hamilton, The Salvation Army, Diabetes NSW, The Garvan Institute of Medical Research, and Guide Dogs Australia, receiving $1.3 million. 


Vision Australia, The Heart Foundation, Cancer Council, the Australian Red Cross, World Vision, and Breast Cancer Trials, Sheila Woodcock Travel Grant also received a bequest from Sheila’s will.

“I don’t think anybody [in Newcastle] has ever done something like this and I don’t know if we’ll ever see it again,” Kent said.

Source: Good News Network