Woman wows the internet by making her pet a pair of boots using cat’s hair

  • A woman is impressing the internet by creating a pair of boots for her pet cat.
  • The adorable boots are made from her own cat’s hair.
  • She shared how she made the boots on TikTok.

A pet owner in Switzerland is making amazing creations using her cat’s hair. The woman has recently impressed more than 18 million people in the internet after sharing her DIY project on TikTok.

User @leo_travelcat made a super adorable pair of boots for her cat, Terry.

@leo_travelcat Homemade 🥰 #cat #petsoftiktok #homemade #валенки #fyp ♬ Джентльмены удачи – Из к/ф “Джентльмены удачи” – Геннадий Гладков

This is actually a good project for cat owners, especially for those who wondered what to do with all that scattered hair around the house.

What user @leo_travelcat does is give her British shorthair a good brushing. She shared the procedure step by step after getting the cat’s hair and crafted them into tiny boots for Terry.

The whole process is pretty amazing and she makes it look that anybody can do it. She also made a special decoration for the boots.

No doubt that @leo_travelcat is very talented. Another video shows she made Terry a hat, a second pair of boots and a wrist band with a cute Nike swoosh logo.

As expected, the video garnered millions of views. The woman received multiple praises from many people who wrote in the comments section.

“Omg I need these,” @tanyalharris wrote. “This is the best,” @chronicallyillandfab agreed. “Ah my gawd this is way too sweet for words,” @campabino chimed in. “What a great IDEA,” @i_fell.again exclaimed. “Could’ve ended the video with it modeling,” @chano808 suggested.

Photo Credit: @leo_travelcat (TikTok)

Other comments revealed that some people thought she was creating something else. “I thought you were making a game controller,” @nana_thepeanut explained. “Why is this so funny?! Also I thought you were making an Xbox controller at first. Your end result is so much better,” @drivewithme_vanbc praised.

The woman has another cat named Leo, a Bengal cat. She also made him a pair of boots.

Source: Pet Helpful

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