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World’s biggest owls nest outside man’s window and watch TV with him



  • Jos Baart heard noises outside his apartment and assumed pesky pigeons are on his balcony again — but the birds outside were Eurasian Eagle Owls, the world’s largest owls.
  • He found three little eagle owls, expected to reach full maturity in four months.
  • Jos found out that these little eagle owls enjoy watching television shows about the same amount he does.

Two months ago, Jos Baart heard noises coming from the planter outside his apartment, which is on the third floor of the building complex. His initial assumption was pesky pigeons.

He came home one day, surprised to see something that is not a pigeon. Just outside his balcony, there was an enormous bird. He decided to investigate, paid much closer attention to the planter outside his apartment, and found three, little baby eagle owls staring back at him.

Eurasian Eagle-owl wingspan | Wild About Denmark

The birds outside were Eurasian Eagle Owls. This bird species hold the Guinness World Record for the largest owl in the world, with a wingspan of about 1.5 meters or about 5 feet.

These little baby eagle owls outside his apartment are expected to reach full maturity in four months. For Jos, this means more company, especially after he found common ground.

The birds outside his apartment enjoy watching television shows, about the same amount he does. Jos talked about this in an interview with Vroege Vogels that translates to Early Birds in English. He said that little baby eagle owls watch his television from the window for hours at a time.

The mother bird is more suspicious, no matter how much these little baby eagle owls seem happy to spend their afternoons watching the television with their human neighbor.

For Jos, the feeling is mutual. Besides, watching television shows can be more entertaining with a company.  

“Yeah, bring them on!” he exclaimed. “As long as they’re not pigeons.”

Source: Good News Network