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15 Dogs that use ‘puppy eyes’ to beg for food



  • Mandy Patinkin usually tweets socially relevant issues, but recently he shared about how his dog was adorably begging him for some soup.
  • The post went viral, making other fur parents share the same experience.
  • Well, dogs have their ways to make you say yes!

Who could have the guts to say no to puppy eyes when their cutest expression pierces through the heart?

Twitter user @PatinkinMandy, an actor, singer, and a ‘humanitician’ as he calls himself, typically uses his account to raise issues he considers important — a petition to cancel death penalty was one for example. But not all of his posts were serious. Recently, he put a little sunshine on his profile, sharing how his dog was begging him for the soup he was trying to eat peacefully by himself.

The post has since been viral, gaining 220k likes and making other people to follow through with photos of their own pets giving them those irresistible gazes for the love of food!

Here are Mandy’s trending post and 14 other adorable pleading eyes that can probably make you give them your own food, too.

1. If Mandy’s dog has superpowers, hypnotism looks fitting for him. Look at those adorably blazing eyes.

2. This one’s putting a lot of muscles in there! Tell me how not to give in.

3. Displaying puppy eyes is really every dog’s talent. Look at how this pup’s nailing it.

4. When begging eyes are not enough, do it with a magic touch.

5. This pup has once again won! Goodbye, apple.

6. Here’s another soup-loving dog, always willing to wait for that warm scrummy taste!

7. This puppy seemed he was awakened by a tasty smell. Puppy-eyes mode quickly turned on.

8. His face says it all. Is he drooling already?

9. Yup, he’s so patient and all for a refill.

10. This furry ball is either waiting for a scoop or silently telling her dad he knows what to do. Or maybe both.

11. He couldn’t just stand there throwing some puppy eyes, he’s gotta move!

12. Uhm, maybe he thinks his tiny scarf can do the convincing.

13. This doggo’s waiting for his glass.

14. When yes is the easiest thing to say…

15. Puppy-eyes award goes to…

Source: Bored Panda