A ‘Guard Cat’ Named Bandit Helps Thwart A Home Robbery

  • A cat named Bandit bravely alerted her owner when two armed intruders tried to break into their home.
  • Fred Everitt said he knew something was wrong when she rushed inside the bedroom, jumped on his bed, and began pulling his blanket off of him.
  • Bandit not only thwarted the would-be robbery but possibly saved Fred’s life too.

A 68-year-old man said he owed it to his pet cat, Bandit, for preventing a robbery at his Mississippi home. Fred Everitt credits the ‘guard cat’ for possibly saving his life.

Fred told the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal that on July 25, around 3 a.m., at least two people tried to break into their home in the Tupelo suburb of Belden. last week, the cat did everything she could to alert Everitt of the danger, he told the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal.his 20-pound cat, lives with her retired owner, Fred Everitt, in the Tupelo suburb of Belden. When

Photo Credit: Thomas Wells / Daily Journal

“You hear of guard dogs,” said Everitt, 68. “This is a guard cat.”

The attempted robbery occurred sometime between 2:30 and 3 a.m. on July 25, Everitt said. He was first awoken by Bandit’s meows in the kitchen. Then, she raced into the bedroom, jumped onto the bed and began pulling the comforter off of him and clawing at his arms. Everitt knew something was wrong.

“She had never done that before,” Everitt said. “I went, ‘What in the world is wrong with you?’”

Photo by Christopher Ruel on Unsplash

Everitt got up to investigate and saw two young men outside his back door. One had a handgun, and the other was using a crowbar to try and pry the door open, he said.

Everitt said by the time he retrieved a handgun and returned to the kitchen, the would-be intruders had already fled. Everitt told the newspaper that he did not call the police.

Photo Credit: Dima Pechurin (Unsplash)

He said the situation could have been different without Bandit.

“It did not turn into a confrontational situation, thank goodness,” Everitt said. “But I think it’s only because of the cat.”

Everitt adopted Bandit from the Tupelo-Lee Humane Society four years ago.

Source: Yahoo! News

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I believe him. My cats alerted me to someone trying to steal firewood in the middle of the day. I thought it was sounds from the TV. They rushed into the oom, staring out the window, hissing and growling, vso i looked out to see 2 men loading my wood onto their truck. They said talked to owner and thought it was okay. I am the owner, never talked to me. Said i had called the sheriff, they unloaded the wood and left.
My cats also alerted me to a breathing problem, waking me by pulling covers off and head butting me. Once awake, I was able to correct the problem, still alive.

It’s amazing how often adopted rescue animals are so loving, helpful, and protective of their adoptive families, saving them from fires, attackers, burglers, vicious animal predators, injuries and medical emergencies. Then they offer us comfort afterwards. Because they love us back, and it’s their family and home to protect.

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