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A Sweet “Promposal”: Teen Spells Out “Prom” in Braille Using Hershey’s Kisses For Blind Girlfriend [Video]



  • Jake, a high school junior, wanted a cute, personalized “promposal” for his girlfriend since 9th grade, Paige.
  • Since Paige is blind, he wanted to cater the question to her, so he decided to spell out the word “prom” in braille — using Hershey’s Kisses!
  • When Paige read the message and got to the “m”, she couldn’t contain her excitement!

Prom season is fast approaching. So teens are trying to come up with new, cute ways to ask their special person out to prom.

Jake Schwartz, a junior from Glastonbury, Connecticut, decided to cater his question personally to his girlfriend, Paige Drury, who is blind.

Photo Credit: Heather Drury

Paige has been his girlfriend since 9th grade so he wanted to do his “promposal” in a very sweet way.

So he decided to spell out the word “prom” in braille — using Hershey’s Kisses!

Jake’s sister was able to capture the sweet moment in video:

We can't get enough of this #promposal at Glastonbury High School ????: by WFSB – Channel 3 Eyewitness News on Wednesday, February 19, 2020

“It felt like the cutest thing to do. I’ve seen very cute promposals from upperclassmen at my school, and not to be outdone, I wanted to do something similar. I decided to write a message in braille because I felt it would be more personal,” Jake told TODAY Parents.

To make it more special, Jake chose a day when their school was closed. But he and Paige were scheduled to rehearse there for a play.

He recounted, “We met at the school entrance and walked in together, and then went into the lobby of the auditorium to exchange gifts.”

Jake then told Paige he had a Valentine’s Day surprise for her, and that it was in braille. So Paige began to read the message:

Photo Credit: WFSB 3/YouTube

And she couldn’t hide her excitement when she got to the “m”!

Jake hugged her and asked, “Is that a yes?” “Yes!” Paige happily exclaimed.

Photo Credit: WFSB 3/YouTube

Jake shared that it it was a “pretty surreal” moment. After the surprise, they “walked back out to applause from the rest of the cast.”

We’re all so excited for their big night!

Photo Credit: WFSB 3/YouTube

What a cute way to ask someone to prom! And it was lovely that Jake personalized the question for his beloved Paige.

Source: inspireMORE