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Adopted Cat Shows Thanks To Her New Mom By Fetching Her Slippers Every Morning [Video]



  • A rescued cat brings slippers over to her mom every morning to show how thankful she is of her.
  • Kayla and her mother adopted this 10-year-old cat named Lulu despite her health problems.
  • It looked as if the cat tried to think of ways how to thank her family. Now, the shoe hunting activity is now a part of their morning routine.

This story is about animals that truly understand just how wonderful it is to find forever families.

Inspire More | Kayla

Kayla and her mother made their way into the animal shelter in their community to adopt. When they got there, she wanted to bring home one of the kittens, but her mother decided on this 10-year-old cat named Lulu.

“I tried to convince my mom to get a kitten, but she clearly knew what she was doing,” Kayla said.

The cat had been rescued and brought into the shelter the year before. Her mother decided on bringing the cat home in spite of her health conditions. She just had the feeling that this cat is the one.

The old cat settled in nicely, living in a home with her new family that constantly showers her with the love and affection she needs. The living arrangements pushed the cat to foster this attachment to her new mom whom she wants to be around all the time.

To show her gratitude, Lulu comes into her mom’s room in the morning, bringing in her slipper in her mouth. Lulu drops the slipper on the floor and exits the room. When she comes back, she brings the other slipper!

 “My mom was surprised [the first time it happened],”Kayla said. “She wore the drool-covered slippers to encourage Lulu.”

This shoe hunting became a part of their morning routine. The cat makes it a point to deliver the footwear one at a time into the bedroom, and her mom is more than thrilled.

 “I didn’t believe her until she got it on camera,” Kayla added.

She decided to share the video of the cat online. In no time, the “Lulu the Slipper Cat” video went viral. The family is just happy about the extra love their cat receives following the video posting.

“It really seems like she just wants to take care of my mom, since my mom takes such good care of her,” Kayla said.

This is without a doubt the purr-fect love language. Lulu certainly knows how to express how much she cares for her family.

Source: Inspire More