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Adorable Bond: Baby’s Best Friends With Her Dog [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • A TikTok video showing a heartwarming interaction between a baby girl and her Bernese mountain dog, Ivy, has melted thousands of hearts.
  • The video has amassed 66,000 likes and over 200 comments since being posted, with users expressing their adoration for the charming pair.
  • Animal welfare charities suggest careful and early preparation for dogs before a new baby is introduced to the household, including controlled first interactions and rewards for good behavior.

In an ever-stressful world, sometimes we need a reminder of the simple, heartwarming interactions that remind us what really matters.

One such example comes from a recent TikTok video that captured the sweet bond between a baby and her Bernese mountain dog, Ivy, melting thousands of hearts along the way.

The clip, shared by @IvyTheBerner, shows the adorable moment when the baby girl cries because she can’t pet Ivy, who is sitting next to her in the car.

When she finally manages to touch her furry best friend, her cries are immediately replaced with giggles.

Since its posting, the video has garnered 66,000 likes and over 200 comments filled with adoration for the charming duo.


The TikTok account, which showcases the lovely friendship between the baby and Ivy, has over 716,000 followers.

“I can’t handle this cuteness,” and “So sweet,” were among the heartfelt comments from the besotted viewers.

However, as most dog owners can attest, introducing a new baby to the household can sometimes be a challenge.

Canines, accustomed to their routines and the familiar sounds of their homes, can struggle to adapt to the new disruptions brought by a newborn.

The U.K.-based charity DogsTrust suggests that expectant parents begin preparing their pets for the arrival of a new baby early.

They recommend acclimating the dog to periods of alone time and slowly introducing changes at the dog’s comfortable pace.


The animal welfare charity Blue Cross adds that the first introduction between the newborn and the pet should happen in a neutral and quiet space.

The charity suggests rewarding the dog with praise and treats when they show good behavior after meeting the baby.

“The first interaction should be under control, with the baby being held in a parent’s arms and the dog allowed to sniff the child. The dog will appear interested for a few seconds and will then lose interest. When they back away, you should praise them and give them a treat,” the Blue Cross charity advises.

Whether you’re a pet owner or just a fan of adorable baby-and-pet duos, this heartwarming video between Ivy and her human sibling will certainly brighten your day!