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Adorable lab puppy tries to play with his own reflection in camera [Video]



  • A TikTok of video of Bogey the Lab puppy has gained over 17.5 million views.
  • At the start of the video, Bogey’s owner asks the camera the look after the dog.
  • When his owner walked away, Bogey tried to play with the dog on the camera.

Last month, Bogey and his mother Carly came home, and boy has life been a thrill! He’s been practicing walking on a leash, there have been lots of tugs-of-war, and no shoe remained safe. 

But it’s Bogey discovering Bogey that has really sparked TikTok’s collective heart.

Carly addresses the camera at the start of a video released to the platform last week, “Hey, can you guys just watch him for a second?” she says. She then walks away, leaving her phone in front of the small red Labrador retriever puppy.

Carly walks out of the room, and Bogey jumps into a play stance with the dog on his phone. Then, during the next 30 seconds, Bogey lays down, gives the camera a cheeky side-eye, wags his tail, and makes some short growls in an attempt to lure the red puppy on the phone to play with him. 


Eventually, the temptation becomes too much for Bogey, and he paws at the screen, knocking the phone over and ending the recording. However, in the five days it has been up at TikTok’s @bogey boy, that 56-second video has received 17.5 million views.

A day later, Carly shared a follow-up video, offering TikTok a collective second chance to babysit Bogey, and it’s equally charming. 

Source: Daily Paws