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AirBnB Guests Enjoy Unique Tours Led by Deaf and Blind Dog Named Soldier



Quick Smiles:

  • Soldier, a deaf and blind dog, resides at Sail Away Cottages in Turks and Caicos Islands and leads guests on beach tours.
  • Despite his disabilities, Soldier has remarkable navigational skills and enjoys the beach and the sea.
  • The guests of Sail Away Cottages find Soldier’s company endearing and value his role as their unique tour guide.

In the beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands, there is a delightful AirBnB experience where guests are offered a charming island tour with a twist.

The guide isn’t a person, but rather a deaf and blind dog named Soldier.

Hannah Brown and her family were delighted to find themselves in the care of such a furry guide during their stay at Sail Away Cottages.

They soon discovered that despite Soldier’s disabilities, he had a knack for leading them on breathtaking beach adventures.


We get so scared that Soldier is going to fall off the front walkway every single time #airbnb #vacation ♬ Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

Soldier, a sweet potcake dog, native to the Turks and Caicos Islands, would escort the family to the beach, relishing the sand beneath his paws and the refreshing sea around him.


His navigational skills were refined over years spent exploring his island home, despite his vision and hearing loss.

Soldier found his home at Sail Away Cottages in 2011.

The owners shared on Instagram, “He arrived at our house late one afternoon, [And] he was still there in the morning.”

They decided to keep Soldier, who quickly became part of the family and developed a close bond with his new sibling, Skipper.

“This is how Soldier started his walks to the beach,” Sail Away Cottages wrote. “[He] went every day after his morning walk with his brother Skipper for a quick cool down before the day [started].”

While Skipper sadly passed away earlier this year, Soldier continues his daily beach pilgrimages.


Nowadays, his company consists of the guests at Sail Away Cottages.

Soldier’s owners wrote, “We run an AirBnB, and our guests absolutely adore him. He accompanies them to the beach and ‘guards’ their things.”

Besides his duties as a tour guide, Soldier enjoys taking a dip in the water.

“He loves to float around in the water and loves when you hold him and let him sit on your lap in shallow water.”

Soldier’s spirit and determination are proof that a disability can’t dampen the desire for adventure and companionship.

His story has touched the hearts of his guests and continues to enhance their island experience with a delightful dash of canine charm.