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An English Family Turned Their Home Into a “Rainbow House” To Cheer Up The Neighborhood 



  • The Taylor family from Wellington, Somerset, England, was inspired by a post on Facebook of a wall that was beautifully decorated with different colors, so they thought of doing the same on their front red-brick wall.
  • Their labor of love lasted for six hours and it was all worth it because passersby were clearly happy to see their lovely project and they even stopped by to take pictures. 
  • This is their way to cheer up the neighborhood in the midst of the current health crisis.

A family from Wellington, Somerset, England, thought of a way to cheer up the neighborhood by creating a “rainbow house.”

The Taylor family decided to color the red-brick wall in front of their home using dozens of jumbo chalk sticks.

The mother, 26-year-old Fern Taylor, worked with her daughters Arabella and Matilda, and also with some help from her partner, Marco DeFazio, who finished the work of love using a ladder.

Yahoo | Taylor Family House

Fern said they saw a post on Facebook and got inspired by it that’s why they started their lovely project. 

“We took inspiration from another post we saw on Facebook where they had done half the house, and originally that’s what I was going to do,” Fern said.

Yahoo | Taylor Family House

That’s when her partner stepped in and suggested that he will finish coloring the wall all the way up using a ladder.

“We used jumbo chalks, and it took us about six hours. We probably started with about 40 [sticks]. The girls really enjoyed it,” she said.

Arabella, 4-year-old, and Matilda, 2-year-old, really had a good time doing their beautiful project. Arabella even spent half an hour before she went playing, while her mom and dad finished the work.

Yahoo | Taylor Family House

“The amount of people who have stopped and smiled, or asked to take photos, has really cheered up. It’s so sweet,” Fern said. 

Even those who were driving and passed by their house slow down to take a look at the wonderful rainbow wall that screams positivity. There was even an ambulance that stopped by to tell them it was lovely.

Source: Good News Network