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Avengers Unite To Send Love To Young Fan Recovering From Heart Surgery [Video]



  • Who would think that the Avengers’ heroes would respond to a father’s call for a message of encouragement for his son undergoing open heart surgery?
  • Deadpool, the Hulk, Nick Fury and Thor all sent their messages to Seb Hollinsworth who is a big Avengers fan.
  • Ryan Reynold’s heartfelt video message was the first and set the tone for all the messages for Seb.

Ivan Hollinsworth was out on a mission.  His son Seb was going to undergo open heart surgery.  And since Seb is one of Marvel’s huge fan, he posted a shoutout on Twitter for at least one Marvel superhero to send Seb a message of encouragement.

Posted by Ivan Hollingsworth on Thursday, 14 July 2022

He could not believe the response that he got!  For the screen heroes assembled to heed the call and in a way be real life heroes even with just words.

Photo Credit: @Seb4chuf (Twitter)

Ryan Reynolds a.k.a Deadpool was the first to respond with a video message.  Reynolds said, “I just wanted to send you my well wishes and send you all my love. And I hope we get to meet in person one of these days, pal. Hang in there. You’re doing amazing, and I’m super proud of you.”

What a guy!  But it did not end there.

Samuel Jackson a.k.a Nick Fury sent a message saying, “Assemble!! Speedy recovery wishes.” Mark Ruffalo a.k.a The Hulk said, “I think we have some competition for the strongest avenger @chrishemsworth. Get well soon, Seb!” With a green heart emoji.  To which Chris Hemsworth a.k.a Thor replied, “The strongest Avenger by far. You are my heart hero, Seb. #HeartHeroSeb”

What a bunch of heroes these guys are!  Seb has been absolutely bowled-over by the Avengers’ messages. 

Great job to you Avengers for responding when you are needed.  As for Seb, speedy and full recovery to you! 

Source: Inspire More