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Baby Ducks Went For A Swim In The Pool With Their Mom But They Got Trapped Until Help Came! [Video]



  • Seldom do they get to see ducklings in their backyard, so when Alex heard that they got some, he was thrilled.
  • The ducklings pretty much followed their mom and went for a swim in the pool with her.
  • But when it was time to get out of the water, the ledge was too high for the babies, so Alex and his brother thought of the perfect way to get them out from the pool safely.

Alex Aabedi was so thrilled when his little brother told him about the ducklings in their backyard!

“We get ducks visiting our backyard and pool from time to time but we’ve never seen ducklings,” Alex told The Dodo. “So I looked outside and saw them following the mama duck around in the grass.”

Photo Credit: Alex Aabedi

The ducklings followed their mom and they were going to the pool for a swim. After they were done swimming, the mother duck easily jumped out of the pool and the baby ducks were still left wondering how to get off the water because apparently, the ledge was too high for them to reach.

“The mom kept jumping out of the pool and I guess trying to get her little ones to follow,” Alex said. “After seeing this go on for an hour or two, we realized that the ducklings would eventually drown or get eaten by neighborhood coyotes, so we brainstormed ways to get them out.”

Although ducks love to be in the water and play, they still need to dry off from time to time especially the young ones. Mother ducks can only wish their babies would follow every step she takes but she cannot lift them out from the water and the ducklings could be in serious danger.

After brainstorming with his brother, they finally came up with the best idea how to help the baby ducks. 

“We decided to put a makeshift ramp together [using a pool float],” Alex said.

Photo Credit: Alex Aabedi

But there was another challenge. The material that the pool float ramp is made of was too slick making it hard for the ducklings to get to the top of the ledge successfully. They just always slide back down to the water. 

“My mom had the genius idea of throwing a towel over it to provide their little feet with more traction,” Alex said. “And it worked!”

Finally the baby ducks were able to get reunited with their mother! And Alex was so happy to help save the day!

Source: The Dodo