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Baseball Fans Lift Up their ‘Lion King’ Pups for the Simba Cam [Video]



  • The Seattle Mariners have been known to host baseball matches that allow pups inside the stadium.
  • They have a special moment where they play The Lion King’s “Circle of Life” as a cue for pet parents to hoist their pups up like Simba from The Lion King.
  • It’s certainly an unforgettable sight as pups get lifted up in an effort to make it to the Simba Cam.

Dog parents were delighted to find out that some baseball games allow dogs inside the stadium. And they were even more delighted to find out that their pups can be featured on the jumbotron!

The Seattle Mariners usually host such baseball matches, known as ‘Bark in the Park’, to let audience members bring their pups and enjoy a game together.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Nylabone

They even made a specially dedicated moment for the pups by featuring them on the “Simba Cam” on the jumbotron.

When the well-recognized opening notes of The Lion King’s “Circle of Life” reverberate across the stadium, it serves as a cue for dog parents to lift up their pups — just how Rafiki lifts up Simba to present him to the animal kingdom of Pride Rock.

It surely makes for a memorable sight!

Whether or not their pup makes it on the big screen, most of the fans still manage to capture the adorable moment on their phones.

The videos drew an overwhelmingly positive response, which prompted several people to call for more stadiums to adopt a similar tradition.

Be reminded, however, that stadiums are filled with people and loud noises, which could potentially scare your pets. So if you plan on bringing pups to a stadium, make sure that they’re already socialized and happy among crowds and other animals. Ensure their safety at all times as well as their comfort if you’re also planning to hoist them up.

Source: News 18