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Basset Hound’s “Car Protects” Wins Hearts Online



Quick Smiles:

  • Gus the Basset hound, the unexpected car protector: “TikTok user @gussythebasset_ reveals that he likes to do “car protects” to keep would-be villains away.”
  • Endearing fan reactions: “@AliciaSmithFey responded, “LOL. Gussy sounds like a gator.””
  • The gentle giant’s calm approach: “Unlike dogs (like mine), who jump and bark like lunatics, he’s calmly sending out his message with a low growl.”

Isn’t it wonderful when our furry friends surprise us with unexpected talents? A video that made rounds on Monday, October 16th, showcases just such a delight. With his droopy ears and expressive eyes, this little hero proves that looks can be deceiving.

@gussythebasset_ Baby Gus doing car protects #bassethound #dogsoftiktok #puppy ♬ original sound – Gussy

Meet Gus, a Basset hound with a mission. Although many of us see these pups as cuddly family members perfect for a movie night snuggle, Gus takes on an added role – he’s a car protector.

TikTok sensation @gussythebasset_ showcased his unique way of safeguarding his vehicle. Instead of jumping or barking up a storm, Gus opts for a calm yet firm low growl, warning off any potential mischief-makers. It’s quite the charming watch!

Basset hounds may be best known for their scent tracking abilities, even aiding police in search and rescue missions, but Gus offers a different perspective on the breed. He’s determined to keep his family and possessions safe, even if his protective rumble sounds more like a gentle purr to our ears.

A couple of comments from viewers caught our eye.

@AliciaSmithFey mentioned, “LOL. Gussy sounds like a gator.”


While @RockyMagaña observed, “That hound sounds like a big rig slowing down.”

And @SaraQualman shared a relatable moment, stating, “Love that low growl. My boy will do that when there are squirrels running around.”

Isn’t it just lovely how our pets connect us with shared experiences?

Though if your canine friend becomes overly protective, there are gentle ways to modify this behavior, often involving treats and positive reinforcement.

But back to Gus. Not only does he offer an added layer of security, but his velvety ears and unwavering loyalty make him the perfect calming companion. We could all use a Gus in our lives!