Beloved House Cook Freed From Mortgage By Former Fraternity Wards [Video]

  • Jessie Hamilton served as the house cook for the Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity for 14 years.
  • She not only cooked their meals but also served as their mom and adviser.
  • The Fraternity brothers learned that she was still working to pay her house mortgage and so they raised funds to pay it.

The strong bond that is formed in college between fraternity brothers extends beyond school and blood.  It would include those who have made their mark on them and shall be treated as family.

Jessie Hamilton is one of them. She served as house cook for the Phi Gamma Delta or Fiji at the Louisiana State University for 14 years. All those years, she acted like a true mother to the boys and treated them like her own kids, according to 52-year-old Andrew Fusaiotti, an LSU Fiji member in the 1980s.

And no matter what was going on in her life, she prepared 3 meals a day with a smile and love in her heart.  She even listened to their problems as they sat on the top of her kitchen counter.

She would serve them comfort food like peach cobbler and fried chicken and even left some for those who had other commitments or still had classes.

When she retired in 1996, she continued working but kept in touch with the fraternity brothers. And finally in 2006, she was able to save up for her own house.  But then, it had a 30-year mortgage. Meaning she had to keep working in order to pay.

Photo Credit: Andrew Fusaiotti

When the coronavirus hit, Fusaiotti checked on her and learned that Hamilton was still working two jobs and said she could not afford to retire. A follow-up chat with her children revealed that Hamilton still had a $45,000 balance on her mortgage.

Fusaiotti then rallied his fraternity brothers to help out Hamilton. They were able to raise a total of $51,765.

Photo Credit: Andrew Fusaiotti

They then staged a surprise for Hamilton on her 74th birthday which they called “Jessie Hamilton Day”.

With their families in tow, they went to Hamilton’s house and gave her the check.

Photo Credit: Andrew Fusaiotti

Hamilton said, “If I hadn’t been sitting, I would have fell down. I was hollering and crying.”

As tears formed and were shed, the men expressed their joy and gratitude towards Hamilton and for being a blessing to them.

Jessie said, “They were my kids. They still are. They used to tell me they loved me, and now, they’ve proved it.”

Good job, Fijis!

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