Blessing Tree: A Project of Love

  • A boy from a daycare in Utah came up with an idea likened to the angel tree to help their struggling neighbors amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • They made their own version, called the ‘Blessing Tree,’ where kids can bring in items they wanted to share with the community.
  • Even after the holiday season, the ‘Blessing Tree’ is still up in the daycare as long as it serves its purpose.

Sometimes, the best ideas come from little children, believing they are capable of everything!

A five-year-old boy in Apple Developmental Day Care in Bountiful, Utah, thought of coming up with something to help their struggling neighbors amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Becky Washburn, daycare director, shared that her students wanted something like the angel tree, but had no idea how to do it. That’s when she said that they could actually “do their own version of an angel tree.”

The angel tree will serve as a blessing tree, where kids can bring in items they wanted to share with their community.

Photo Credit: Alex Cabrero/KSL

To start with, Becky chose an evergreen tree in front of the day care and put up a sign that reads: “This is our Blessing Tree. Our project of love. Take what you need.”

Soon enough, donations piled up, which include food, baby clothes, boots, and other essentials. During the Christmas season, collections of toys lined up the ‘Blessing Tree’ to boost the Christmas spirit.  

Photo Credit: Alex Cabrero/Twitter

Becky witnessed how her students loved the whole idea, with their eagerness to help her staff prepare all the items before they actually hang them on the tree. What amused her the most was to see how thrilled the children were whenever someone took an item from the tree, with happy smiles on their faces!

Photo Credit: Alex Cabrero/Twitter

“They are so excited!” Becky said giddily. “’Look, Miss Becky, it’s happening!’”

Becky hoped that people could really find what they need in the tree. “This meant something to us because it was helping somebody,” she said.

She considers this ‘Blessing Tree’ a truly meaningful project for the daycare, especially for the kids. “It was real,” she added.

Photo Credit: Alex Cabrero/KSL

Although the holiday season is over, the ‘Blessing Tree’ is still up in the daycare. According to Becky, they will keep the tree up for as long as it serves its purpose — to help their community, especially through this difficult, challenging time.

It was a fulfillment, especially when Becky’s son said, “You didn’t know how many people you would affect by that silly little tree. There are so many little people and then other people that we don’t even know that are benefitting.”

Such a kind, generous, and a really bright idea coming from a child! Good thing Becky listened to this little angel’s mind!


Source: Inspire More

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