Blind mama cat determined to seek help for her homeless family

  • A homeless mama cat led a man to the den where she and her kittens are living.
  • The man who discovered them reached out to a rescue to help the family be taken to a vet.
  • The mama cat turned out to be blind.

Mama Clue was discovered outside of an elderly couple’s home. When the couple’s son stopped by for a visit, he spotted the beautiful cat, which has crusted shut eyes. He tracked her down to the den where she was sleeping and discovered three little kittens waiting for her.

Mama Clue realized she and her babies require help, so she led someone to them as soon as she could.


The man who discovered the little family reached out to Coastal Bend Cat Rescue, who quickly agreed to fund a vet visit for Mama Clue and her babies. The rescue didn’t have an available foster home at the moment, but they knew they couldn’t just leave the family homeless, so they came up with a solution.

Mary Huckabee, a Coastal Bend Cat Rescue officer, said Mama Clue was initially believed to have bad eye infections that kept her eyes closed, and was given a shot of antibiotics.


Everyone was relieved that the kittens were rescued just in time because they all had health conditions that needed to be addressed. Mama Clue’s foster mother found that her eyes weren’t simply infected; she had always been blind. She’d managed to survive on her own and be a wonderful mother to her children, even ensuring that they were rescued and taken somewhere secure.

Mama Clue, Candyland, Monopoly, and Chutes and Ladders were all given names after board games. The kittens began to recover very immediately, and Mama Clue has proven time and time again that she is the best mother on the planet.


Mama Clue was initially quite protective of her kittens, according to Huckabee, and she appreciated having a Kitty Kasa to keep them safe. When her foster mother took the babies for routine weighing and medication, she would keep a close eye on them. She was occasionally taken aback when she heard a baby meow from an unexpected location. When the babies became mobile about 3 weeks of age, she was furious because they didn’t stay where she put them! She’d bring them back and forth to ‘their place’ until she recognized she was losing the battle and that her infants were ready to explore.


She’s turned into the sweetest little thing and enjoys being scratched and having her tummy rubbed, and is always happy to see her foster mother. Despite having spent her entire existence as an outdoor cat, she is ecstatic to be living in luxury and has no intention of returning.

The kittens and Mama Clue will be ready to find their forever homes once they are old enough and properly healed. Until then, they’re content to live in the safe heaven found by Mama Clue.

Source: The Dodo

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