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Bomb-Detecting Dog and TSA’s “Cutest K9” Retires After 10 Years



  • A member of the canine bomb-detecting unit and his handler are retiring after 10 years in service.
  • Eebbers the canine and his handler Jean Carney, were part of a team that has kept everyone safe through Super bowls, NASCAR events and special Olympics aside from the “normal” daily screening at the airport.
  • The pair will be spending their retirement days, playing and swimming.  

For a Vizsla-Labrador mix named Eebbers, the Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) International Airport in St. Paul, Minnesota has been his place of work and home for the past 10 years. 

Together with his handler, Jean Carney, he works as an explosive detection canine, screening passengers. You have probably seen Eebbers if you have waited in line at security!

Since birth, Eebbers has been part of the TSA’s Puppy Program and the last one to still be working every day. 

Eebbers also won the title of “Cutest K9”.  The title is given by the TSA to canines who protect the airport and everyone who passes through its halls.

Photo Credit: Twitter

In the decade that he was at MSP, Eebbers was part of the team that kept an NCAA National Championship Football game, two Super Bowls, the Indianapolis 500, a NASCAR event and the Special Olympics World Games, safe for everyone.

Jean Carney says that for their line of work, Eebbers’ personality and temperament were perfect. And retiring him would allow Eebbers to “be a dog.”

Photo Credit: Twitter

Jean explained, “I was just ready for him to be a dog. I just wanted him to enjoy the last few years just being a dog.”  He added, “Its inevitable he was going to come to a point where he was going to start slowing down, and maybe start not being as proficient as he was when he was younger. I didn’t want him to go out on a low note.”

And to celebrate the duo’s retirement, a party was thrown in their honor by the airport staff.  They even had a bomb-shaped cake!

Photo Credit: Twitter

What’s in store for the pair? Lots of swimming and playing!  You both deserve it, Jean and Eebbers! 

Source: Inspire More