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Boys Found Bag Stolen Years Ago And Returned It To Overjoyed Owner



  • Eli and Sam from Nebraska are both four-graders only but they already know the value of honesty and doing the right thing. 
  • Recently, they were playing soccer in a field when they found a bag in the creek nearby and thought the owner must have been looking for it badly. 
  • So they returned it without hesitation and they were thrilled to learn that what they found was lost 3 years ago.

Two young kids from Nebraska are getting praises for doing the good deed of returning a stolen purse to its owner after they found it near a creek. 

The owner of the bag, Mallory Pittman-Morris, said she never expected it to be returned because she lost it three years ago when someone smashed the window of her car and stole it. 

But then, Eli Rempe and Sam Yarpe, both fourth-graders, went up to her home, showed her the bag, and she was completely stunned! 

“I never thought I was going to see those things again,” Mallory told the local NBC outlet, WOWT. “I told them this stuff has been missing for three years and you could just tell they were glowing with excitement to have found something like that.”

The boys found the purse in a nearby creek from Papillion Soccer Fields in Papillion where they were playing soccer. 

“We went down there and there’s a little river that we thought was cool so we walked around and we found a purse,” Eli recalled.

Inside it was a number of credit cards and gift cards that were old and dirty because of the lost time. 

Although there was no cash in the purse when it was stolen, Mallory was always worried about identity theft thinking someone has her cards and her personal information. 

Now, she can have peace of mind because finally, she’s reunited with her bag and this all is thanks to the young boys who chose to do the right thing.


“It just restored my faith in humanity,” she said. “That there’s still good people out there.”

For the boys, they were just doing what ought to be done without expecting anything in return.

Source: PEOPLE