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Bride Chose To Have Her Wedding First Look With A Golden Retriever And It’s So Adorable!



  • When Gaby and Oscar Téllez got married in 2019, they let Oscar’s golden retriever, Thor, take part in the special ceremony.
  • Gaby has grown to love Thor as much as Oscar does so she had the weddings first look photos with him instead of Oscar.
  • She shared their adorable photos on a Facebook group called Golden Retriever Club and people are loving it.

Gaby and Oscar Téllez love their dog so much they have decided to include him in all the special moments of their lives.

In 2018, when the couple from Virginia got engaged, they have already included Thor, Oscar’s golden retriever, in their plans for the wedding. So before embarking into another milestone in July 2019, Gaby came up with a plan for the dog special to her heart.

Photo Credit: Gaby Téllez

A few months after their wedding, Gaby posted on a Facebook group called Golden Retriever Club, their wedding’s first look photos. But instead of sharing a photo of her and his husband, it was Thor who looked so adorable having the first look with her.

“I didn’t do a first look with my husband, but I did do a first look with our good boi!” Gaby wrote. “He freeeaaked out — it was an emotional moment for the both of us.”

Photo Credit: Gaby Téllez

Apparently, Thor did great in the rehearsals because when she saw Gaby, he didn’t get dirt on her dress at all.

Although Gaby was not the one who adopted Thor, she loves him so much just the same as Oscar does. In fact, it could be said that they consider Thor to be their child.

Photo Credit: Gaby Téllez

“He was my husband’s first, but when I came into the picture, we grew such a strong bond,” she said. “I couldn’t imagine life without him.”

That’s why she decided to share the special moment they shared with Thor online.

Photo Credit: Gaby Téllez

“Today is Thor’s 7th birthday and we are looking back at one of our favorite days we shared with him,” she said. “Look how he runs down the aisle all on his own like the goodest boi.”

Obviously, Thor feels the same way. He loves his parents so much and we wish them all the best in life.

Source: Inspire More