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Broken-Hearted Dog Still Sleeps Beside Bed of BFF Cat That Passes Away



  • A post of a dog named Misia grieving over the death of her best bud Carter the cat is breaking hearts on the net.
  • Misia has been lying down in the spots where Carter used to frequent as they have been ‘partners in crime’.
  •’s Daniel Jackson says to give grieving pets some space and provide all they need.

Grief is an emotion that all animals share, no matter what species. 

In a University of Milan, Italy study in 2022 involving 426 owners of at least 2 dogs, they found out that when one dog passes away, the one who is left, grieves.  It exhibited negative behavior like seeking more attention, being fearful, and becoming less playful.

So, when owner Jessica Jamenson shared a photo of her dog Misia laying on places where her buddy cat Carter used to stay, it left a trail of broken hearts, hundreds of comments and received 13,000 upvotes.  

The caption read: “My cat passed away a couple weeks ago and my dog now sleeps next to his bed and stares at his tower… Sometimes she whines while staring at it. Does she miss him? Or am I just crazy?”

Jamenson explained that the two were super close. When the cat was adopted at only three months old, Misia and Carter got along right away and would even groom each other.

Photo Credit: u/TheArtSnobX (Reddit)

Commenters offered comfort to the owner and others shared their thoughts.  One commenter wrote, “She’s grieving. If he doesn’t know she died, then he’s waiting for her to come back,” which another agreed on saying, “She misses him. Animals grieve similar to us. She notices he isn’t around rubbing on her, or meowing etc.”’s Daniel Jackson said, “There’s a few common themes in animals when they grieve. The most common is laying or standing in positions they were familiar in with their owners. Such as laying in the deceased owners sofa spot, or waiting outside for them to come home from work.”

Which is what Misia is doing.  Jamenson added that she does think that Misia misses Carter.

Jackson offers these tips for Misia or anyone who’s pets are grieving: “Give them space, naturally they will come round to a new way of life. Make sure you’re giving them what they need.”

We’re sending hugs, Misia.

Source: Newsweek