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Cat Became Obsessed With Her Tiny Cashmere Scarf That She Takes It With Her Anywhere



  • With nothing much to do because of the coronavirus quarantine, these two sisters knitted a scarf for their cat using cashmere yarn.
  • The cat became obsessed with the little scarf that she takes it with her everywhere she goes, no matter what activity she has planned for the day.
  • Her owner posted a video of the cat and her precious scarf on TikTok.

Cinnamon is old enough to decide on what she thinks she fancies and what she does not.

Ella Parsons had arranged activities for her to do as the community quarantine continues. She started knitting a white scarf that had pulled the interest of their cat. Cinnamon got excited about the knitting but what she did not know at the time is that this scarf would be hers, all because they ran out of yarn.

“During quarantine, my sister was bored so she decided to knit a scarf with this really pretty cashmere yarn that she had,” Callie, sister to Ella Parsons, said. “However, she sort of ran out of yarn and the scarf was really small.”

Ella and Callie knitted a scarf for their cat. The pair decided to look and see what their cat would make of the garment, and since this is the first time for the cat to wear clothes, they have no idea what to expect. Cinnamon made no indications of her interest in wearing clothes either.  

They opened the gift immediately after arriving home, hoping to know as soon as possible what would their cat feel about the scarf. To their amusement, Cinnamon fell in love with the scarf the first time she put her little paws on it.

 “Cinnamon instantly fell in love with it and now wears it around all the time,” Callie said. “She just likes to sleep and snuggle with it and wear it around the house.”

It became obvious that the cat had grown attached to the little scarf. Cinnamon looks at ease parading their house wearing the scarf and she refuses to take it off no matter the activity she is about to embark upon. The cat wears the scarf whether she is playing outdoors, eating, or napping.

“I think Cinnamon loves her scarf because she has never gotten a gift like that before,” Callie said. “We always get her little catnip treats and play toys, but never something like a blanket.”

“Since she is older she likes to sleep a lot so it is definitely something nice for her to snuggle with,” Callie said. “Cinnamon also sat with Ella while she made it so she knows it was made with love.”

Callie decided to share a video of the cat and her precious scarf on TikTok. After a week, the video post racked up over 600,000 likes on social media.

 “She loves her scarf and gets mad if we try to take it off,” Callie captioned the now-viral post. “If it falls off, she waits for us to put it back on.”

Source: The Dodo