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Cat Café Warns Customers Of A Cat Who Steals Muffins



  • The Catnap Café in Christchurch, New Zealand had to issue a disclaimer for one of their cat crew who steals muffins from their customers.
  • The cat, Bea, who has a neurological condition that makes her wobbly, climbs on customers and grabs the muffins that she loves.
  • Bea has now been adopted by a couple who already has one cat with the same neurological condition.

At the Catnap Cafe in Christchurch, New Zealand, buying muffins comes with a warning of an adorable feline who would climb on you and try to steal your muffin.

They said in their disclaimer that “It WILL hurt.”

Photo Credit: Catnap Cafe (Facebook)

Since she was 5 months old, Bea, the café’s hungriest cat, has been a crew at the café and one of its most trouble-causing residents.

The Catnap Café disclaimer continues: “Right from the start, she has been determined, confident, sassy and full of character! She is very energetic, chatty and playful.”

Photo Credit: Catnap Cafe (Facebook)

But that’s not the only trait that made her standout.  Although she is unaware of it, her wobbly uncoordinated movements from having a neurological condition called cerebellar hypoplasia, has also made her unique.

Her condition has not stopped her from trying to grab the muffins that they are having when she climbs on them. She thinks she’s sleek at it but it can be a little painful for the target customer.

Photo Credit: Catnap Cafe (Facebook)

And even if she has been adopted after endearing herself to the café’s clients, they still remember how they had to issue the disclaimer. Yes, Bea now lives with a couple who are heads over heels in love with her and her antics. Bea is now enjoying the attention and care that she needs from her parents who have been taking care of her now brother Timmy.  They have the same neurological condition.

When the café announced her adoption they said: “We can only imagine how much wobbly trouble the two are getting up to together!”

Photo Credit: Catnap Cafe (Facebook)

And even if Bea’s determination and her disposition have won more hearts than baked goods at the café, they are happy she has found her forever home.

Source: The Dodo