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Cat Does Not Like Toys — Until His Parents Bought Him A Cardboard Jeep



  • This cat showed no interest in playing with toys for some reason.
  • The only thing toy-like that the cat would approve of is a cardboard couch his parents bought him some time ago and had to retire.
  • His parents bought a cardboard jeep instead, and the cat became obsessed with it.

Ben Vroomans adopted Frank two years back. Then, it was apparent that the cat takes his sweet time to warm up to just about anything or anyone. The day Ben brought Frank home with him, he could not even touch the cat but this attitude towards the man soon changed. Today, he is one of the sweetest, funniest cats Ben has ever encountered.

The Dodo | Ben Vroomans

“Over the last couple of years, we learnt to know each other, and he’s now got the biggest personality,” Ben said. “Still can’t pick the bloke up, but he’s otherwise super affectionate now. Follows me everywhere. He’s my noisy little shadow, and a bit of a celebrity amongst my social group.” 

For some reason, Frank has never really had any interest in toys but does love cardboard couches.

The Dodo | Ben Vroomans

There were no indications that the cat took an interest in playing with toys for some reason. The only exemption for this is his love for the cardboard couches bought for him back then, but when the couch started looking a little worn out, his parents decided that it is time for a new one.

The couple came across a cardboard jeep instead. They decided on the cardboard jeep even though it is possible that their cat would not approve, worried that Frank may not like it because it looked kind of like a toy.

The Dodo | Ben Vroomans

“He’s not a ‘toy’ cat,” Ben said. “He acts like he’s beyond childish things like that.” 

The Dodo | Ben Vroomans

The couple took out the cardboard jeep and presented it to their cat, nervous about his reaction…

The Dodo | Ben Vroomans

… but the cat instantly fell in love with the jeep. 

“He loves the crap out of this thing,” Ben said. “Can’t get him out of it.” 

The Dodo | Ben Vroomans

Frank became obsessed with his cardboard jeep. From the looks of things, the cat likes the jeep more than anything else, more than his old cardboard couch, and now spends his entire day just hanging out in his jeep. The cardboard jeep brings the cat so much joy, it is hard to believe that the thing only cost his parents $8.

The no-toys-rule is still in place, but his parents certainly found out what the exceptions are. Frank could not be more satisfied with this development.

Source: The Dodo