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Cat Falls Asleep In German Shepherd’s Mouth [Video]



  • Gabrielle owns a Geman Shepherd and a cat that sleeps in the most unusual sleeping position.
  • She catches her cat, Bella sleeping inside the mouth of her dog, Butta, looking completely at ease.
  • Gabrielle said the sleeping position was only seen once, but it made it clear how much the cat trusts the dog.

This is a friendship between a German Shepherd and a kitten, Butta and Bella. The relationship developed over their playtime together that never stops. The day is not complete without the teasing and wrestling around, as much as their mom will allow anyway.

“They’re just joyful, energetic and playful,” Gabrielle said. “They play all the time.”

Gabrielle decided to bring home the kitten four months back. That day, she was made aware that the wee kitten would have no problem holding her own with the big dog already in her house.

 “The adoption center said they found her in an abandoned building and she had been in some fights before, which is why her ears are a little wonky,” Gabrielle wrote on Instagram. “She’s truly a fighter.”

The pair runs around fighting for the better part of the day, but at the end of it, the dog and the cat are best friends that trust each other completely. This much is understood the day Gabrielle caught them sleeping in a very unusual position.

“We were on a road trip to Louisiana and they were playing as usual and just happened to fall asleep,” Gabrielle said. “I was surprised because it was weird that they were like that.”

Bella looked at ease with her head inside the mouth of the dog. Gabrielle understands the relationship between these animals, but the sleeping position is over the top. The strange snuggletook her by surprise.

This odd sleeping position occurred once but what it represents is something more. Bella placed her trust in Butta. From that point on, it was clear that the two would be friends for life. There is nothing Gabrielle would want more for her pets.

[Bella’s favorite] place to sleep is in Butta’s mouth,” Gabrielle said on her Instagram. “JK it’s our bed.”

Source: The Dodo