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Cat Opens Door To Let Brother ‘Escape’



  • Jean Ralphio, Gabrielle Zaffiro McLemore’s cat, underwent a surgical procedure, so his parents placed him in the bathroom, thinking that he will recover faster if they give him peace and space.
  • Jean’s sister Mona Lisa learned how to open the bathroom door so she could either break him out of the bathroom or cuddle with him inside.
  • Mona Lisa clearly cannot stay apart from his brother for too long.

When Gabrielle Zaffiro McLemore and her husband bumped into a stray kitten, they knew they had to bring him home and adopt him. They named him Jean Ralphio.

When the couple found out that Jean Ralphio has a sister, they decided to take her in too. No one would want to separate siblings.

That day, the couple introduced them to their two other cats back at their house.

“Jean Ralphio and Mona Lisa are thick as thieves,” Gabrielle said. “Together they are very playful and affectionate. They take turns grooming each other and are often found snuggled up together sleeping. They are never far from each other.”

Jean Ralphio needed a surgical procedure because of a broken hip. His parents placed him on bed rest to facilitate his recovery. They placed him inside the bathroom but his sister disapproved.

 “When we keep them apart she meows through the door and tries to break in,” Gabrielle said. “She’s been a little more needy for cuddles with us [since] being separated from Jean Ralphio.” 

One day, Gabrielle saw Jean Ralphio out of the bathroom. Confused on how he was able to get out, the couple and monitored the bathroom door. It was not long before they found out.

Mona Lisa learned how to open the bathroom door. She did it to let his brother out.

 “We knew that she would test closed doors to see if they were latched all the way previous to this, but I didn’t think much of it,” Gabrielle said. “The fact that she could open up a sliding shower door was a bit more of a surprise — especially that she’d go so far as to do both!” 

Mona Lisa just had to be with her brother and decided she would do anything to make that happen. Of course, she also enjoyed breaking in so she could steal his food and use his litter box, but that is just part of their bond.

“During that time she still stole his food and used his litter box, but also just hung out and spent some time grooming each other,” Gabrielle said. “It was really sweet and you could tell it cheered him up a bit. I think he’s been distressed to be away from her.” 

The bed rest continues for another week. Their parents started hanging out in the bathroom to supervise the brother-sister bonding time. Besides, opening the bathroom door to set her brother free is dangerous. This way, their parents could keep them both safe and satisfied.

Source: The Dodo