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Cat Made Attempts to Climb on Top of Kitchen Microwave, Ends Up Very Stuck [Video]



  • Skittles enjoys playing around, climbing on counters and jumping up high, from surface to surface.
  • The cat had not encountered any part of the house she could not climb on top of, until her little adventure at the kitchen.
  • The cat climbed on the counter, unto their microwave in the kitchen, but ends up dangling on the microwave door.

Skittles pushes herself to look for adventures every day. The cat makes it a point to nestle herself on every nook and cranny, climbing on everything she could climb on inside their house, leaving Jamie Vos struggling to keep up with her every adventure.

The Dodo | Jamie Vos

“She is always into things and if you hear a crash in the house, you can instantly assume it’s her finding trouble to get in,” she says. 

Skittles plays around the house often, climbing on kitchen counters and jumping up high, onto the shoulders of her owners. The cat had been able to climb on every spot inside their house she had decided to hang out on top of. Before her adventure on the microwave in their kitchen, that is.

Skittles embarks on a new adventure today. She intends to climb on top of their microwave in the kitchen…

… but she ended up stuck.  

The cat clung unto the microwave door, dangling her body, swinging and trying to figure out how to get on top. She slipped and dropped herself down onto the kitchen counter, looking embarrassed that the maneuver failed.

“She seems to find the hardest way to do things and then finds herself stuck,” Jamie said. 

The Dodo | Jamie Vos

There is no stopping the cat from doing this again. It is definite that this microwave venture is something that the cat would never let go, as well as climbing on every other spot inside the house where she could nestle herself in. That is just how Skittles likes it.

“She brought down everything in my bathroom shelves trying to climb those and failing also,” Jamie said. 

Source: The Dodo