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Cat Steals Neighbors’ Shoes At Night [Video]



  • Jordan loves bringing presents for his mom — and sometimes that means a slithering snake.
  • But in January, Jordan had developed another habit of bringing home shoes he’d stolen from the neighborhood.
  • Because of this, his mom created a Facebook page for him and his stolen items where people can reclaim their stuff!

Jordan is a very thoughtful cat and he loves surprising his mom, Bj Ross, with presents. It has become his routine to go out every night and come back home with something for his mom — although sometimes it’s a slithering snake she’d found in the kitchen. 

Of course, Bj understands that Jordan is doing it because he loves her. But this past January, she noticed a number of shoes started piling up in her yard. Initially, she just ignored them and would throw them away until it dawned on her that it was actually Jordan’s new gifts to her!

For whatever reason, Jordan has developed a new hobby to roam around their neighborhood in Altoona, Pennsylvania, and steal their neighbors’ shoes that were left outside. He’d bring one pair of shoes a night or sometime’s three. Other times he would bring home different items as well.

Photo Credit: BJ Ross

“We’ve had probably about 80 shoes,” Bj told The Dodo. “Also baseball mitts. Knee and elbow pads. Squeaky toys. And a bathing suit!” 

Photo Credit: BJ Ross

Bj’s curiosity about Jordan’s adventures at night grew more and more until she decided to buy a GPS tracker and a night vision camera to capture what he has been doing.

Photo Credit: BJ Ross

Although she appreciates Jordan’s thoughtfulness, she has to remedy the situation of stolen items. So Bj created a group on Facebook where her neighbors may find and claim their stolen things.

Photo Credit: BJ Ross

“We have found one owner so far,” Bj said. “He took about six pairs of her shoes! She couldn’t believe it was a cat. She thought her kids misplaced them.” 

Jordan is just so lovable, adorable, cute, silly, and hilarious! For those living in Altoona, Pennsylvania, and have lost a pair or two of shoes recently, try checking Jordan’s group page on Facebook, you may just find it there! (Chuckle)

Source: The Dodo