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Son Sells Cheesesteaks for Mom’s Dream Trip to Egypt



  • Dustin Vitale’s mom Gloria, who was diagnosed with cancer, dreamed of visiting the pyramids of Egypt.
  • Dustin set out to make her dream come true by raising funds through cooking cheesesteaks.
  • The cheesesteaks got so famous that it only took six weeks to reach his goal and more.

When Teacher Dustin Vitale’s mom Gloria was diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer, he set out to make her dream come true: a visit to Egypt’s pyramids.

But it was not going to be easy to raise the funds for his mom — and 14 of his family members — to get to Egypt. It would cost him a staggering $10,000.  With his income as a middle school teacher in Philadelphia, it would mean hard and extra work.

But the mama’s boy was not to be discouraged from his goal. It was for his mom and he loved his mom that much.

Photo Credit: Dustin Joseph James Vitale (Facebook)

Plus, he had a secret arsenal: his mom’s recipe for cheesesteaks. He had no doubt that by selling cheesesteaks, he would bring them all to Egypt.

His own kitchen was the warzone for the battle. When his giant sandwiches started coming out of the kitchen, his first clients were his family members and close friends. But you know what they say that if it is good, the buyers would come.

Soon, customers were double-parking outside his home. His cheesesteaks were getting famous!

And by the power of social media, which grew sympathetic to Dustin’s cause, strangers started lining up to get a taste of the sandwiches.

Photo Credit: Dustin Joseph James Vitale (Facebook)

With the help of a food truck operator who offered his vehicle for Dustin, the small kitchen operation has gone mobile!

The goal to achieve $10,000 was realized in just six weeks. There’s even a bonus of $8,000 more! He cannot wait to see how his mom would react when they finally see the pyramids in Egypt.


Dustin said, “She’s probably mentally as healthy as she has ever been in her whole life. If she would have asked to go to the moon, I would have made that happen, as well.”

Photo Credit: Dustin Joseph James Vitale (Facebook)

His mom Gloria certainly believes that he would.

Filled with gratitude, she can only say, “The love, it’s overwhelming, you know.”

Enjoy Egypt, Dustin and Gloria!

Source: Inspire More