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Chef José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen Launches New Program To Help Restaurants Prepare One Million Meals For Hungry [Video]



  • With the many restrictions in place during the pandemic, restaurants are struggling to keep their businesses open.
  • Because of that, the World Central Kitchen by Chef José Andrés has started the “Restaurants for the People” program.
  • More than 400 restaurants across the US are to prepare one million meals to be distributed to people in need and they will be reimbursed by the organization for $10 each meal.

While the food industry is considered as essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic thus keeping them open and serving, many restaurants are still struggling to keep their businesses afloat, because as we all know, customers have significantly dwindled.

But also because of that, restaurateurs have found creative ways to keep their business thriving while serving the best interests for their communities as well. In fact, in California, the restaurants are paid by the state to prepare and deliver food to seniors.

The World Central Kitchen (WCK) launched its newest project “Restaurants for the People,” which aims to help restaurant owners as they help the people in their communities.

The organization which was founded by the renowned Chef José Andrés has started its philanthropic mission in 2010, after the chef made a visit to Haiti in its post-earthquake state. Over the years, WCK has made news headlines feeding the needy and most recently, for providing food to laid-off workers and other citizens in need when businesses closed in the US. 

Through their latest initiative, more than 400 restaurants across the country are to prepare one million meals, all costs covered by the organization. The WCK will reimburse restaurants with a rate of $10 each meal and they will also handle the shipping. With this, food businesses can then rehire their furloughed employees to help prepare the meals. 

Reem Assil, owner of Reem’s California—a famous Middle Eastern bakery based in Oakland—told The Washington Post that they are “serving anywhere from 200 to 500 meals a day, and growing, to vulnerable populations and first responders.”

Photo Credit: World Central Kitchen

The District Chop Bar in Washington DC also participates with the cause and although it is a small West African eatery with only 3 employees since its two years of operation, it has now been able to hire more staff to help part-time.

The WCK’s multiple #ChefsForAmerica initiatives have so far partnered with 1,500 restaurants all over the country and have provided $18 million help to the industry. Other than that, they also pledged $50 million for COVID-19 relief efforts.

Photo Credit: World Central Kitchen

“Our hope is that we can show that this works and get the powers that be, in our state governments and our federal governments, to recognize that this is a solution,” Nate Mook, the organization’s chief executive, told The Post. “We have people we need to feed. We have restaurants that we need to put back to work, and we’re showing that this is doable, that it’s scalable.”

Source: Good News Network