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Chihuahua Apologizes with Hugs and Kisses After Mishap



Quick Smiles:

  • A video on TikTok reveals the delightful moment a chihuahua, Phoebe, apologizes to her owner for accidentally hitting her in the face.
  • Once the lively chihuahua realizes her mistake, she showers her owner with kisses and hugs as a way of saying sorry.
  • This viral video has sparked a lively conversation among TikTok users, who are sharing their own fun and endearing stories of interactive moments with their pets.

The immediate apology at the end #chihuahua

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Chihuahuas: petite, energetic, and filled with spirit. They may be among the smallest canine breeds out there, but their affectionate nature is boundless, especially towards those they form a bond with.

A recent video shared by TikTok user @shannonkmarks supports this. Her chihuahua, Phoebe, is seen apologizing in a most endearing manner after mistakenly hitting her owner in the face with a paw.

In this click-worthy clip, viewed over one million times, we can see Phoebe from New York City reaching out with her paw to attract her snoozing owner’s attention. Midway through the video, Phoebe’s paw connects with her owner a tad too strongly. Upon realizing her error, Phoebe floods her owner with a barrage of licks and a soft, comforting hug around the neck.

“The immediate apology at the end.” This is what the caption of the video reads.


Despite Phoebe’s remorseful demeanor, did she genuinely mean her apology?

Canines depend on us humans for survival and amusement, especially if they’re the only pet in the house. This leads us to wonder, is their bond with us purely need-based, or is it an expression of unwavering love?

Some interesting science may help answer this question. “Science proves that part of the canine brain is associated with positive emotions and they do, indeed, feel love for their human companions,” as shared by VCA Animal Hospitals.

How does one recognize signs of canine affection? An overjoyed leap or bark upon your return home, a tendency to follow you around the house, or even an attempt to share your bed may serve as indicators. Some dogs may even offer “presents” or gaze at you with eyes full of adoration, states VCA Animal Hospitals.




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