Couple Finds Stowaway Pet Chihuahua in Suitcase Before their Flight

Couple Finds Stowaway Pet Chihuahua in their Suitcase Before their Flight

  • Jared and Kristi Owens were weighing their luggage on the airport when they noticed that one of their suitcases was five pounds overweight.
  • It turns out that their Chihuahua, Icky, was hiding in a boot in Jared’s suitcase!
  • Thankfully, a kind airport employee offered to take care of Icky while Jared and Kristi went on their trip.

A couple from Texas was already at the Lubbock Airport checking in for their Southwest Airlines flight when they discovered a stowaway hidden in their suitcase. It was their Chihuahua, Icky!

Photo Credit: Jared Owens

As Jared and Kristi Owens weighed their luggage at the airline counter, they noticed that one suitcase was overweight by more than five pounds.

They thought that they would only need to rearrange some of their belongings, but when the airline employee opened the suitcase, they were surprised to see a stowaway!

“Literally, there’s our dog coming out of my boot, coming out of my boot with her head bopping up,” Jared told KCBD-11.

Photo Credit: Jared Owens

It turns out that Icky is known to be a “burrower.”

Jared shared, “She burrows in clothes. She burrows in, obviously, suitcases now.”

According to the National Canine Research Association of America, Chihuahuas have been known to instinctively burrow as a way to seek shelter or find food.

Photo Credit: Jared Owens

Fortunately, a kind airport employee named Cathy Cook offered to look after Icky for the couple while they were away on their trip.

Jared made sure to praise Cathy: “They have got a heck of an employee in Cathy. She went above and beyond.”

“They could have turned us in saying we were trying to smuggle a dog to Vegas or something, [but they] never acted like that. They were extremely gracious,” he added.

That was quite a day for Jared and Kristi! Icky almost made it to the flight, too!


Source: PEOPLE

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