Couple Had To Rescue Two Puppies Found Along The Road And Make Them Family

  • A couple has been observing two pups alongside the road for a week and they decided to rescue the pups.
  • They coaxed the pups and brought them home, gave them a bath, and fed them.
  • The couple has fallen in love with the pups and now treat them as family.

Logan and Abigail Fabrizio noticed two pairs of little black eyes coming from the weeds alongside the road.  Upon inspection, the eyes belonged to two beagles.  They initially thought that the two pups belonged to someone in the neighborhood.  But after a week, they realized that the two beagle pups were abandoned and if they do not stop to help them, the dogs might die from hunger or get into an accident.

And so, they decided on picking them up and bringing them to their home.  At first, the puppies were too scared to go near them.  They had to coax them with a hot dog.  One came out and got lured while the other needed a longer persuasion.  But thankfully, the pair relented.

Once they reached home, the beagles got their first baths in their new home.  20 pesky ticks were also removed from their ears alone. What a relief for the two babies!

And for the couple, it was falling in love with new fur babies which they named Remi and Riley. The pups now have a family and they could not help but be safe and secure in their parents’ loving arms.

Photo Credit: @r.r.beagles (Instagram)

Fabrizio said, “They are loving it. Hogging the bed, running all over the furniture and exploring the 10 acres we are on.”

The couple also got to know the different personalities of the two: Riley is the more adventurous as he loves exploring and paddle boarding and exploring.  Remi on the other hand loves ear scratches and cuddling but not after proceeding with caution.

Photo Credit: @r.r.beagles (Instagram)

The beagles’ origins may be unknown but the Fabrizio’s are glad they rescued the pups in time and their paths have crossed.

Fabrizio added, “[The dogs] definitely changed some day-to-day habits and rearranged some of our priorities. But, overall, I believe our lives have been changed for the better since we found these two.”

Photo Credit: @r.r.beagles (Instagram)

It is a match found in the weeds and powered by a couple’s good deeds. 

Source: The Dodo

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