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Couple Married For 63 Years Had To Stay Apart Due To COVID-19, But He Surprised Her By Coming Home On Her Birthday [Video]



  • Beverley Lindell and her husband Jerry have been married for 63 years now. 
  • When Jerry had to be confined to receive rehab at a nursing home and with the rapid spread of COVID-19, the facility had to refuse visitors.
  • This left Beverley heartbroken, but two weeks ago, Jerry had come home in time for her birthday.

When true love is at work, not even a pandemic can separate two lovers—and a couple from Minnesota proved that to the world.

Beverley Lindell was turning 84 and all she wanted for her birthday was to see her husband Jerry. But for safety reasons, Jerry had been in quarantine at a local nursing home, according to the report of NBC affiliate KARE. 

When Beverley’s special day came on March 26, she received a great surprise she never would’ve expected at all—Jerry had returned home! Being married for 63 years, that was a very emotional moment captured by their daughter, Loriee Barnes, in a video. 

“It’s something I’ll never forget,” Jerry told KARE.

Jerry was confined to receive rehab at Meeker Manor nursing home in Litchfield after he was hospitalized. Everyday, Beverley was always by his side.

“The bus would pick her up in the mornings and bring her to the nursing home,”Loriee told the outlet. “She was pretty much there all afternoon.”

Photo Credit: Loriee Barnes

But the coronavirus outbreak forced the facility to close its doors and refuse visitors from coming as a security measure to keep all their residents safe.

Beverley was devastated. After so many years of being together, that was the longest time they had to be apart from each other since they met when she was only 18 and got married after two years. 

Two weeks ago, her loneliness came to an end when her husband was finally back home. Loriee drove her dad home to surprise her mom. Before Jerry popped up, she first gave her some birthday cupcakes as a present.

Photo Credit: Loriee Barnes

While thanking her daughter, Beverley suddenly saw Jerry holding a bouquet as he walked towards her through the door. That’s when she suddenly got emotional.

She shrieked in surprise saying “I can’t hug you!” But Jerry replied, Why can’t you? I can hug you!” after assuring her it was fine to do.

They then hugged each other long and tight as Beverley cried tears of joy.


“I got to bring my dad home to my mom, it was pretty cool,” Loriee said.

Photo Credit: Loriee Barnes

Even the Meeker Manor community was very happy with the couple’s reunion, says the administrator, Andrea Ross.

“It’s hard to find words for it because it is so very special, and now more than ever,” she told the outlet.

Beverley was just so happy to see and be with her husband again. “I won’t let him go,” she said. “He’s mine to keep.”

Source: PEOPLE