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Cow’s Blindness Does Not Hold Her Down, Teaching Others To ‘Walk In Faith And Not By Sight’



  • A cow named Faith was born blind and was scheduled to be put down a week after she was born.
  • Dee Prince talked to the farmer owner and he sold the cow to her for $20.
  • Dee brought the calf home to their ranch where she was named Faith and is now a heifer expertly navigating her way.

A red angus heifer was born blind in South Carolina. This was due to a Vitamin A deficiency while she was still in her mother’s womb.  She was scheduled to be put down a week after her birth but rancher Dee Prince was not letting it happen.

Photo Credit: Dee Prince

Dee fell in love with the calf and just had to save her.  Luckily the farmer let her have the calf for just $20. She named the calf Faith after the Bible verse: “Walk by faith, not by sight.” (2 Corinthians 5:7)

She was told that Faith would never walk a straight line or live very long.  But she was not having any of it.  She was determined to make things different for Faith. 

Dee brought Faith home to their farm in Fair Play, South Carolina, where Faith immediately became part of the family.  And from there, they proceeded to acquaint the cow with the farm.

Photo Credit: Dee Prince

It did not come easy as Faith was bottle-fed until she was two because she could not find the trough.  She was also led on her daily walks around the pasture with a halter.  But in time, Faith had every nook and cranny memorized.

And now the farm is her sanctuary where she feels safe and loved by Dee’s four young children and other animals.  Faith even shares her pen with a bull and a heifer which Dee thinks are looking after her. They must know that Faith needs their guidance.

Photo Credit: Dee Prince

Dee said, “[Faith] has taught us all that her disability does not hold her down.” She adds, “It’s a valuable lesson for everyone.”

Source: Southern Living