Dad surprises duck-loving dog by wearing giant duck costume [Video]

  • Charlie the golden retriever loves his stuffed duck so much that he brings it everywhere.
  • Alicia and her husband decided to surprise Charlie by getting a life-sized duck costume.
  • The duck-loving pup was overjoyed when he saw his favorite toy had come to life!

Meetย Charlie the golden retriever. If there’s one thing he loves the most in the world, it’s his stuffed duck.

Photo Credit: Charlie The Golden

Charlie and his plush duck, Mr. Quackers, pretty much spend every waking time — and sleeping time — together.

His mom, Alicia, shared, โ€œI noticed he would take it wherever he went and even slept with it at night. I had never seen him act this way with a stuffed toy before.โ€

Charlie really loves his duck best friend!

Photo Credit: Charlie The Golden

Alicia and her husband decided to surprise the duck-loving pup by arranging a “meet-up” with a life-sized, fully animated version of Mr. Quackers.

As luck would have it, they found the perfect costume at the store.

Alicia’s husband played the part of the giant, “real-life” Mr. Quackers. When Charlie saw that his beloved plushie had come to life, he couldn’t hide his excitement!

“It couldnโ€™t have gone any better! Soon as Charlie saw the life-size Mr. Quackers, his tail started wagging so fast, his entire body was moving,” Alicia shared.

Charlie was so happy that he could finally play with his best friend! There were so many fun activities they could do together now.

Photo Credit: Charlie The Golden

Charlie was perfectly fine with Mr. Quackers being a plushie. But his parents decided not just to embrace his love for the duck, but to elevate it and make it even more fun!

Getting to play with Mr.Quackers certainly makes for a memorable moment.

You can see more of Charlie and Mr. Quackers onย Instagram.

Source: The Dodo

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