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Daughter’s Obvious Magic Trick Completely Amazes her Mom [Video]



  • A daughter completely impressed her mom with a “magic trick” — one so inventive but obvious.
  • The trick involved two green plastic cups — and, unbeknownst to her mom, two lemons.
  • By the end of her trick, her mom was so amazed and confused as to how she did it.

Magic tricks can sometimes leave you confused and thinking how the “magician” did it.

This time, a daughter had her mom completely amazed by a “magic trick” — one so inventive but obvious. It didn’t even need sleight of hand.

Jackie Gansky, an actress from Pennsylvania, shared the video of her magical demonstration on TikTok.

The trick involved two green plastic cups — and, unbeknownst to her mom, two lemons.

Jackie first lifts up one of the cups to show her mom the lemon under it, then covers the lemon again.

Photo Credit: Jackie Gansky/TikTok

As she says, “Watch,” her mom stares at the cup intently.

She then lifts up both cups, only to reveal that the lemon is now under the second cup.

Photo Credit: Jackie Gansky/TikTok

At this point, her mom was already amazed. She did not know that both cups have been covering one lemon each the entire time. Meanwhile, the TikTok viewers are all privy to Jackie’s trick.

Jackie then did the same trick to the second cup.

Photo Credit: Jackie Gansky/TikTok

What her mom sees is that the lemon has been “magically” moving from cup to cup.

But what the viewers see is that Jackie simply holds onto the lemon underneath the cup so that it gets lifted with the cup, making it look like it magically disappeared.

Jackie then held onto both lemons as she lifted both cups, to reveal nothing underneath.

And when Jackie made it to the grand finale, Nancy couldn’t help but exclaim, “What the heck, how’d you do that?!” Jackie had lifted both of the cups to reveal that the lemons have doubled.

Photo Credit: Jackie Gansky/TikTok

Watch Jackie’s “magical” demonstration and see for yourself how she does it:


My mom thinks I’m a wizard ???? ##magic ##trick ##funny ##mom @chefnancyg ♬ original sound – jackiegansky

Nancy’s pure and priceless reaction made her beloved by everyone who watched the video — which has since been viewed over 16 million times on TikTok.

“I’m loving this. you’re a magician. your mom NEVER knew,” one viewer responded.

The trick inspired many users to try and get a similar reaction from their unwitting family members.

Jackie’s TikTok followers almost doubled after the video — she now has over 900,000 followers on the video-sharing platform.


She is known to share funny clips of herself, mostly pranking her family members during the ongoing quarantine.

Source: In The Know