Deaf Cat Protects Blind Cat Sibling From Any Harm With Just A Paw [Video]

  • Gramps the deaf cat is ready to protect his blind cat sibling Helen whenever anyone goes near her.
  • Gramps stretches his paw to shield Helen from any perceived harm.
  • TikTok users cannot help but comment about Gramps’ being a gentleman and protector to Helen.

When one has a physical disability, a protective sibling or friend would mean the world.  Siblings who stand up for each other and support you through thick and thin boosts morale and help you be confident and ready to take on the world. 

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Pet siblings carry that trait as they do not mind whether they are blood-related or not.  They go by what is in their heart.

Two cat siblings of TikTok user @grampsthecat exemplified the protective instincts perfectly.

Helen is blind while Gramps is deaf.  They are not related but they share a bond that touches your heart.

Photo Credit: @grampsthecat (TikTok)

In @grampsthecat’s video, the two cats are laid beside each other. The text reads that whenever anybody comes near the blind cat Helen, Gramps would go protective.  True enough, when somebody draws near, Helen stretches out her neck towards Gramps and Gramps reaches out one of his paws to Helen’s shoulders as if shielding her from harm. 

The gesture also reassures Helen that he is near.  With that, Helen lies back, knowing she is safe.

User @strangen9nat9x commented “Gramps is such a distinguished gentleman 😁 A hero of heroes. The world needs more like him,” while @Jaclyn Furukawa pointed out, “The way he puts his paw on her.”

Gramps is indeed Helen’s knight in shining armor as @cynthiatolley497 added, “Everything will be fine as long as Gramps is there! So beautiful. 💖💕😇🙏🤗,” and TikToker @gracieshoomin wrote, “Such a precious, unbreakable imperfect love♥️.

Thank you, Gramps and Helen, for showing that a real family goes beyond being blood relatives.

Source: Pet Helpful

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