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Dog Found 94-Year-Old Neighbor Stuck in Footwell of Car and Didn’t Leave Him



  • A 94-year-old man alone at home got stuck between his car’s brake and gas pedals when his walking stick broke.
  • His neighbor’s dog named Roger found him and stayed with him until his owner came to get him.
  • Emergency services were called to rescue the elderly man, thanks to Roger.

When 94-year-old Morris Cohen got caught in his car’s footwell last December, he would not have thought his hero would be a furry four-legged dog named Roger.

As he got out of his car in his garage at home, Morris’ walking stick snapped and he fell into the car’s footwell.  He got “wedged under the brake and gas pedals. No one could hear him cry out for help as his family was away at that time.  He was stuck. 

Photo by Åsmund Gimre on Unsplash

The temperature dropped and he could feel that hypothermia was setting in. For nearly 24 hours, he endured the cold but then an unlikely hero came along.

His neighbor’s dog, Roger, ran away from their home in Ringwood, England to his garage.  Perhaps the Jack Russell terrier and poodle mix heard his cries and could only escape that time. When Roger found him, the dog stayed by his side.

Photo Credit: Bournemouth Echo/BNPS

Roger’s owner, Frances Wall, began to wonder where her dog was so she came to look for him. She found Roger with Morris.

Frances and her brother could not get Morris out.  They had to call emergency services who freed him and brought him to the hospital.

Morris said, “I owe my life to that dog. They said if I would’ve been there for a few more hours, I would have been a goner.” 

Photo Credit: Bournemouth Echo/BNPS

The 10 days that Morris stayed at the hospital was enough for him to fill up a stocking filled with dog treats for Roger.

Thanks to Roger, Morris was rescued and is now back at home.  Heroes really do come in all shapes and sizes, and species.

Way to go, Roger!

Source: Metro