Dog has the funniest reaction when he learns he’s going to the vet [Video]

  • Diesel is an Alaskan malamute.
  • When his owner told him they were going to the vet, the dog started shaking his head and growling in disapproval.
  • According to the dog’s mom, Diesel is really sassy and chatty. 

Diesel the dog had no intention of going to the vet. But when his mom told him he needed immunizations, the rescue revealed his true thoughts.

Allie Piro didn’t mean to spoil Diesel’s day, but a visit to the vet was needed. As soon as the intentions were disclosed, the Alaskan malamute began talking back, shaking his head and stamping his paws to emphasize his opinion.

Everything was peaceful after the rescue got to the vet.

“He’s actually very good at the vet!” Piro shared. “He is definitely nervous, and gets very quiet, but he does very well.”

Despite Diesel’s complaints, Piro believes he is good to the veterinarian, letting them do what they need to do. 

Piro takes a pit stop on his way home from the vet as a reward for being a good boy. She said Diesel likes to stop by the pet store and pick out a treat as a reward. 

This was not Diesel’s first time sharing his opinions. Piro also said that her dog despises bath time.

Piro was 16 years old when she got Diesel, who has grown more vocal with time. 

The gentle giant greets all visitors to Piro’s home and even engages in conversation with passers-by.

“He’s brought so much joy,” Piro said. “His personality shows every single day and always cheers you up no matter how hard of a day you’re having.”

Source: The Dodo

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