Dog needs his food stirred first or he wouldn’t eat it [Video]

Dog needs his food stirred first or he wouldn't eat it

  • When Enzo the golden retriever came down with a stomach bug, he had to be fed wet food for a few days.
  • His family then eased him back to regular food by first mixing it with wet food.
  • Watching his family prepare his food led him to believe that stirred is the only way he can take his meals!

If James Bond prefers his martini “shaken and not stirred,” Enzo prefers his food stirred.

The golden retriever recently came down with a stomach bug, so his vet recommended wet food for a few days.

When he recovered, his family decided to ease him slowly back to his regular food by mixing it with the wet food. But when the time came for him to have regular food again, Enzo refused to eat it.

Dog needs his food stirred first or he wouldn't eat it
Photo Credit: Alicia

Enzo’s family was concerned that he might still be sick, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

They observed him closely for any clues as to why he wasn’t eating his regular food, and brainstormed for causes and solutions.

Eventually, they figured out what had happened.

His mom, Alicia, shared, “One day we had an idea. Sure enough, we picked up the normal food, stirred it with a spoon, placed it back down … He instantly ate it.”

It turns out that Enzo has been so used to watching his special food being stirred during his sick days that he thought it was how his food should always be prepared from now on.

And so, come mealtime, Enzo’s family has to show him that they are preparing his food well by stirring it.

Enzo’s quite happy to eat it now that he knows his food is stirred with love by his family!

Alicia said that she and her family have just accepted it as part of their routine.

It was indeed a strange food ritual that was ingrained in him. But while his family has to take extra steps now when feeding him, all that matters to them is that he’s happy and eating normally again.

You can check out more of Enzo’s adventures on Instagram.

Source: The Dodo

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