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Dog Pouts After Uber Driver Asks Her to Sit on the Floor [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Lilybug, a 9-year-old American Staffordshire terrier mix, went viral on TikTok for her displeasure at being asked to sit on the floor instead of the seat during an Uber Pet ride in Manhattan.
  • The ride-hailing service allows passengers to bring a pet along for a small additional fee, but this does not necessarily guarantee a seat for the animal.
  • Lilybug’s owner, Marisa Grimshaw, has had her for nine years and says the vocal pup is not shy about expressing her emotions, a trait that has now earned her thousands of fans online.


Wait until the end for her formal complaint ♬ original sound – LilyBug

In the hustle and bustle of New York City, a precious pup named Lilybug had the nerve to voice her dissatisfaction during a recent Uber ride, and the internet cannot get enough of her adorable antics!

Lilybug, a charming 9-year-old American Staffordshire terrier mix, took the ride with her owner, Marisa Grimshaw, 39, to visit the vet.

The pet-loving ride-hailing service, Uber Pet, seemed like the perfect option, but a minor hitch in Lilybug’s normally royal treatment left the furry diva with a less than satisfied look on her face.

In a video shared by Grimshaw on TikTok, we see Lilybug expressing her objections with a series of grunts and mournful puppy eyes from the floor of the Uber car.

In the caption, Grimshaw explained: “Our Uber Pet driver asked my dog to sit on the floor instead of the seat and she was very upset about it.”


The Uber Pet service lets riders bring their pets along for a small additional fee. Yet, as Lilybug’s experience attests, this doesn’t always guarantee a comfy seat.

TikTok users had a field day debating the matter.

One supporter for Team Lilybug argued, “I don’t blame your pup! It’s Uber PET !! He gets a seat for sure.”

Another commenter, however, felt otherwise: “It’s their car lmao y’all swear having any type of boundary with a dog is insane.”

Grimshaw shed some light on the Uber Pet service, explaining that drivers can choose whether to opt into the feature.

This theoretically lessens the chances of a pet-loving passenger having their ride cancelled due to pet-related concerns.


However, Grimshaw admitted that she’d had drivers arrive, see Lilybug, and take off – twice on the same day she filmed her TikTok.

The ride in question saw Lilybug relegated to the floor, ostensibly due to her wet feet from the rain.

“He kindly pushed his seat all the way forward so she had plenty of space,” Grimshaw noted, acknowledging the driver’s attempt to accommodate her disgruntled fur baby.

Though relegated to the floor, Lilybug’s show-stopping moans and dramatic flair seemed to win over the driver, who eventually asked if the pooch wanted a seat.

“As we were just a few blocks from the vets, I said it was all right, but I really appreciated the offer,” recounted Grimshaw.

Grimshaw has been Lilybug’s loyal human for nine years since the pup was found abandoned in a playground.


The lovable pooch has since made a habit of expressing her emotions vocally and assertively.

“She’s so determined to let people know exactly what she’s thinking,” Grimshaw laughed.

And so, Lilybug’s momentary indignation has become a delightful episode in the annals of pet human interaction, earning her thousands of online fans.

After all, who doesn’t love a dog with a bit of sass?