Dog scams mom into giving her more treats

  • Dakota is a 12-year-old happy pup who is obsessed with food that she can do anything for it.
  • When her family wanted to teach her how to use their new dog door, Dakota looked at it as an opportunity to get more treats.
  • She then started going outside frequently, pretending to poop, just to get extra treats.

This smart dog can do anything for the sake of treats.

Dakota, 12 years old, is pretty much a happy pup who is obsessed with food.

Photo Credit: Cheryl Feingold/The Dodo

Her mom, Cheryl Feingold, said that she is “an evil genius” when it comes to any kind of food, but she’s acting “like she is innocent” — pretty much paints the picture of how sharp Dakota can get when it comes to her favorite thing in the world: food.

True enough, Dakota has turned some circumstances to her advantage, all for treats’ sake.

When the family got a new dog door, they wanted Dakota to learn using it. She was scared at first, but when they started giving her treats to encourage her, Dakota instantly became a pro.

Photo Credit: Cheryl Feingold/The Dodo

She even figured out how to use the “challenge” to trick her family into giving her extra treats. As she gets a treat for going outside and going to the bathroom, she thought of a genius plan.

One day, she started going out through the dog door, sitting right outside it for a little while then coming back — pretending she went to the bathroom so she could ask for a treat.

Dakota’s plan, though, missed to consider the clear dog door, leading her mom to realize that she was only sitting outside, deliberately not going to the bathroom.

Photo Credit: Cheryl Feingold/The Dodo

“At first I believed her but then questioned how she came back in so fast,” Cheryl told The Dodo. “I would watch and noticed that she was doing that. It’s almost like a child who thinks you can’t see them if they can’t see you. She always looks away. It’s funny!”

What’s funnier was Dakota continued with her sneaky trick, not minding that her mom found out about it. She has probably got her eyes fixed on the yummy reward like nothing else mattered.

“She seems very proud of her scam,” Cheryl said. “There is no shame in Dakota’s game.”

Although she knows about Dakota’s game, Cheryl finds it hard to resist and still gives her treats.

Photo Credit: Cheryl Feingold/The Dodo

“If I don’t react she will bark at me to let me know she went potty (fuzzy liar),” Cheryl said. “She is adorable and I totally give in. Maybe she deserves the treat for not going potty on the porch?”

Source: The Dodo

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