Dog shelter has a new staff member — a cat!

  • A dog shelter in New Zealand has a cat that is part of the staff that performs different jobs.
  • Colin Feral, as the cat is called, can be a security guard, paperweight, or even an emotional security animal.
  • But his main job is to be the judge of dogs based on their behavior when they meet him.

When potential dog adopters come to the Moa Point Dog Shelter in Wellington, New Zealand, they would encounter one of its popular members of the staff— the cat Colin Feral. Seeing Colin would also answer their question about whether the dogs in the shelter are comfortable with cats.

Named after the star, Colin Farrell, shelter staff Steph Simon said that Colin is a pretty good judge of character.  “If we bring a dog in and the dog shows a bit too much negative attention to him, he will go find higher ground, like a window sill.”

Photo Credit: ACO Animal Services – WCC

Aside from having that ability, Colin has also managed to learn the art of keeping cool and not being nervous around dogs.  He has also learned to befriend them like one dachshund puppy who he had a playful wrestling match with on the ground.

He had to let go of his playmate though when the puppy got adopted.

Photo Credit: ACO Animal Services – WCC

Colin has played many roles at the shelter which makes him the jack-of-all-trades.  He can be a reliable emotional support animal, a tough security guard, or an attractive paperweight figurine. There’s no limit to Colin’s ability to learn and take on roles that show his versatility, like the actor he is named after.

Photo Credit: ACO Animal Services – WCC

To top it all off, he has proven to be a good friend to all the dogs that come and get to be taken care of at the shelter.  You can say he has managed to balance his work and life at the shelter.

A round of applause for Colin Feral!

Source: The Dodo

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