Dog takes in abandoned kitten and treats her like her own [Video]

  • A Yorkshire terrier that recently gave birth took in a newborn cat.
  • The kitten was abandoned by her mom who was chased away by dogs. 
  • A video shows the kitten spending time with her puppy siblings.

A Yorkshire terrier mother who recently gave birth recently took in a newborn cat whose mother had run away.

Lucero Hernandez Vil of California introduced us to the kitty in a TikTok video posted on April 6. She jokes in the video that the dog gave birth to the kitten, but in truth, the kitten’s mother was chased away by dogs and abandoned her offspring.

In the video, the cat can be seen relaxing with the three Yorkie puppies, and one angle shows a human hand cradling the little kitten while the Yorkie foster mother looks up and wags her tail excitedly.

The little dog is “so attached” to her adoptive child that she bathes her in cat-mom style. The kitten spends time with her new siblings, nursing and lying around with them. Hernandez Vil was concerned that the kitten would not survive the night, stating in the comments that she was “less active” in the evening.

However, here she is on April 8, with her foster mother trying to clean her up:


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The last information we have on the kitten comes from earlier this week, when Hernandez Vil, in response to a comment on another video, stated that the kitty is “fine” but is no longer in her care. 

The two videos of the little kitten received approximately 20 million views, as well as a few questions regarding how a dog could give birth to a cat. (It was a joke, people.) It serves as a nice reminder to us that we can’t do anything without the mothers in our lives. 

Source: Daily Paws

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