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Dog With Neurological Condition Moves Like She’s Dancing Her Whole Life And Her Fans Love It! [Video]



  • Koda neurological condition which makes her movements irregular and weird looking.
  • Despite that, she still loves to run around, play, and have a good time.
  • Because of her contagious energy and happy disposition, she’s got a large following on her social media accounts.

Koda is a happy dog who never lets her so-called physical limitations stop her from being as jolly as she is. 

Australian Kelpie is a breed of dogs who are raised to become very good at herding, commanding animals in the farm. They are naturally energetic and have a high prey drive, that is why they are perfect companions for their human friends on the farm. 

Just like all other Kelpie, Koda is just as energetic. However, she was diagnosed with a neurological condition which limits her full control of her body. As a result, she has involuntary movements and her actions are uncoordinated — but that doesn’t seem to bother her at all!

Both Koda and her mom, Lindy Dalla Costa, live together with many other pets and farm animals in Melbourne, Australia. Lindy regularly shares adorable videos of the pup running around and playing which gained her quite a large fanbase. On TikTok along, more than 86,000 fans follow her account: Happy Koda the Kelpie and then she also has Instagram.

When Koda runs, it looks like she’s dancing in weird moves and then Lindy edits her videos with quirky music too, which oddly enough, they go along together well making her videos really funny and hilarious to watch. It’s good to know that although Koda moves differently, she’s not in pain at all, as her owner said.

“My body might go in different directions sometimes but that’s ok because I’m one happy puppy,” Lindy wrote on Koda’s Instagram account. “Koda struggles sometimes picking up things like other dogs, but she never gives up trying and most time finds her own way,” Lindy explained.

Koda is just having the time of her life and we stan!

Source: Inspire More